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Why Does Label Quality Matter To Your Brand?

Trying to ensure your products stand out from the competition is more challenging than ever before. Consumers have more choice than ever, and have become more discerning in their buying decisions. While product quality, brand awareness, and marketing all play critical roles in selling products and building your business, your labels can also have a big impact. Labels are often an afterthought for many producers, and considered as an informative necessity for products. The truth is, your product labels have a huge impact on consumers, and can make a difference to your brand as a whole. Before you load up your labelling machinery, consider why your label quality really does matter to your brand.

The Importance Of Product Labels

The labels on your products are often the first impression a consumer will have with your business. It has become clear in recent years that customers do not just shop for items, but they shop for brands, and labels play a big part of this. Whether you have just launched your brand and working on your awareness, or you’ve already got hordes of loyal customers, one glace at your label should tell consumers who you are. Having high quality labels can encourage awareness, familiarity, and help your products to stand out from the rest.

What Is A High Quality Label?

It is commonly assumed that all labels are created equal, but in actual fact there are so many different options for your labelling machine. Most labels are made up of an adhesive, a liner, a face stock and a coating, and the quality of each of these aspects is vital for success. Many businesses opt for the cheapest options when it comes to labels, but when you are positioning your brand and products at a high-end, your labelling needs to follow suit. Additional finishes such as foiling or embossing can add a unique edge to labels and improve the overall quality of the experience.

Labels To Suit Your Products

A high-quality label for one product might be an awful choice for another, and this is because the best labels are designed to suit the products. Make sure you are taking into account the lifespan of your product, the kind of conditions it will be subjected to, and the impression you want to create. For example, if you are producing high-end wines, you will need a label which can withstand cold temperatures and also moisture, as it like your products could end up in an ice bucket. The last thing you want is a beautiful label which falls off quickly because the wrong adhesive has been used.

Your labelling machinery also plays a critical role in the quality of your labels. Having the right equipment in your production line will ensure that your labels are complimenting your packaging and perfectly applied every single time. Even the most beautifully designed label will look poor if it is not applied well. Labelling machines will guarantee that every label is straight, bump free, and consistent.

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