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What Is Sticker Marketing And How Can A Labelling Machine Help?

Sticker marketing is a tactic that has been used by businesses to gain awareness and traction for over 30 years. This marketing strategy was a huge trend in the 1990’s and we are now seeing it resurface, with many brands experiencing great success. Sticker marketing can be a super effective way of reaching large audiences for a minimal cost, especially if you already have your own labelling machine to hand. In the guide, we are answering all your questions around sticker marketing and explaining how labelling machinery can help your business grow.


What Is Sticker Marketing?

As the name suggests, sticker marketing uses stickers or labels to communicate to consumers. Stickers can be used to create a story, showcase a product, or reveal special offers to your audience in a unique and unexpected way. Businesses that use sticker marketing will generally print branded stickers or promotional stickers using a labelling machine, and then distribute these either directly to consumers or place them around specific areas. Packing a branded sticker in with your products is an excellent way of encouraging customers to spread word about your brand, as they are then likely to use that sticker on their own items. When used properly, sticker marketing isn’t considered an advertising tactic, but a free gift which adds value to your products.


How To Create A Sticker Marketing Strategy?

As with all marketing strategies, sticker marketing requires proper planning and action for it to be successful. First, you should think carefully about how you are going to use your stickers or labels to showcase your brand. Are they going to be gifted with products, given out for free at events, or sent to influencers for promotion? Once you know the purpose for your stickers, you can get started on creating the content and design. Some brands opt for a simple sticker with just their logo or website address, while others prefer to include product details or sales information.

With today’s technology, it is possible to create an even more immersive experience through your sticker marketing, by including interactive elements such as QR codes. Use QR codes to direct people to make a purchase, enter a competition, find out more information, or sign up to a newsletter. This option is better suited to stickers used for guerrilla marketing or being placed around local areas, as free gift stickers are better suited to simple branding or enticing designs.


How Can Label Machines Help With Sticker Marketing?

If you have a labelling machine within your business, you are already half way there to getting started with sticker marketing. Depending on your type of machine you can use it to create stickers or labels for your strategy. Labelling machines with printing functionality are needed for this, such as desk top equipment options. If you don’t have labelling machinery on site, you can enlist the help of a contract labelling service to produce your stickers for you. At Labeller, we are experts in both labelling machines and contract labelling, contact us today for more information.