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What Is A Print And Apply Labelling Machine And Why Should You Use One?

If you’ve ever wondered how products magically end up with those neat labels, the answer is often as simple as print and apply labelling machines. These advanced labelling systems are the unsung heroes of the packaging world, ensuring that labels are not only printed with precision but also applied perfectly. Our experts are experts are on hand to explain what a print and apply labelling machine is and why you should use one.

The Basics: What Are Print and Apply Labelling Machines?

Put simply, these are labelling machines that not only print labels but also stick them onto products like a pro. These machines are the ultimate multitaskers, combining printing and labelling into one smooth process. They take blank labels, print essential information on them, and then stick them onto products with perfect precision.

The Print Process: How Does It Work?

The beginning of the process involves fetching the label designs and product information from a computer or database. Next, the labelling machine will work its magic by printing this info onto blank labels using high-quality printers. Barcodes, logos, and expiry dates are common uses for print and apply labelling machines. 

The Apply Process: Sticking Labels Like A Pro

Once the labels are printed, the labelling machine moves on to the apply process. These clever machines use a combination of rollers, arms, and sensors to ensure the label ends up in just the right spot. Unlike manual labelling, these machines guarantee that every single product label is perfectly placed, ensuring consistency across all batches.

Why Use Print and Apply Labelling Machines?

There are many reasons why print and apply labelling machines are chosen for all kinds of businesses across all industries. First off, they’re super-efficient. Think about the time it takes to manually print labels and then stick them onto products. With a print and apply labelling machine, it’s all done in one go by one piece of equipment. In addition to this, they’re accurate. These machines follow instructions to the letter, ensuring labels are aligned, centred, and free from bubbles. Finally, they’re super-fast. Whether you’re labelling a batch or an entire production line, these machines can churn your products out quickly.

Applications Across Industries

Print and apply labelling machines are so versatile that they are used across all kinds of businesses. They adapt to various industries like pros. From food packaging to pharmaceuticals, from retail to manufacturing, these labelling machines find their place everywhere. Need labels for fresh produce with changing info? Print and apply labelling machines have got you covered. Requiring labels with intricate barcodes for inventory? These machines are up to the task. They’re versatile and always ready to tackle new challenges.

Operator Involvement With Print & Apply Labelling Machines

You might be wondering whether these machines operate in isolation or require operator involvement. While the labelling machine handles the heavy lifting, a human input is still essential. Operators are required to feed the machine with label rolls and keep an eye on the process. They’re the ones who ensure everything runs smoothly, from loading the labels to troubleshooting if anything goes wrong.

Benefits Of Print & Apply Machines 

Print and apply labelling machines are more than just practical; they also save time and money. Imagine the hours spent manually labelling products. With these machines, you can redirect that time toward more critical tasks. Additionally, their accuracy reduces the chances of labelling errors, making them a reliable option for maintaining quality control.

Print and apply labelling machines are like the dynamic duo of the packaging world. They print, they stick, and they do it all with ease. From printing crucial product information to flawlessly applying labels, they’re perfect for efficient labelling. To find out more about the print and apply labelling machines we have available, get in touch with our team today