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The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Label Printing

When your business produces and sells luxury products, your labels need to look the part as well. Firing up your labelling machines should certainly not be an afterthought; your labels are an intrinsic aspect of your brand and need to be carefully considered. Whether you manufacture premium drinks, high-end gadgets or designer accessories, your labels need to perfectly compliment your products. Luxury labelling is so much more than just a marketing tool or method of communication, it is there to create aspiration and desire when customers see your products. If you are searching for advanced labelling systems for luxury labels, then read on for our ultimate guide.

Durable And Sustainable Labelling

Luxury products are often timeless, and your labels should reflect this. A premium watch is designed and engineered to last a lifetime; a high-end whisky is aged for many years before hitting the shelves. The labels used on these products need to be able to stand the test of time. Depending on the type of materials used and the way they are stored, labels can experience peeling, cracking and a reduction in colour over time. When subjected to excess moisture or heat, labels could lose their adhesive or become damaged. For luxury products, you need to choose label materials which are designed to last.

Think carefully about the environment that your products will be subjected to over the years. If you produce fine Champagne or wine, then the chances are it will be stored in a chilled location for long periods and could be served in ice bucket. Beauty products might sit on shelves in a steamy bathroom for months on end. Your labels must be able to withstand these conditions and still evoke your premium look, even after many years. Discuss your requirements with contract labelling specialists or your label supplier in order to find the perfect solution.

There is also an increased demand for sustainability in labels and products, and this also goes for the luxury market. Years ago, premium products weren’t bothered with eco-friendliness, but today it is more important than ever before. Make sure your labels are supporting your sustainability practices and showcasing your values as a brand.

The Look Of Luxury Is Evolving

Luxurious and premium mean something different to everyone. Young generations are attracted to brands which are authentic, sustainable and creative, while older customers generally opt for heritage and history. The truth is, premium brands shift with time, and your labels need to keep up. It is important to understand what luxury really means to your audience and your brand, and then make sure your labels evoke that message effortlessly. If your products are all about understated elegance, then sleek, simple labels might be the way forward. On the other hand, if your brand is all about the bling and sparkle, labels with gold-foil, embellishments and other fine finishes could be perfect for you.

At Labeller, we are experts in labelling machinery and labels for all kinds of products. For assistance in finding the perfect option for your brand, contact us today.