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Removable vs Permanent: How To Choose The Right Label Adhesive

Label adhesives are an important consideration when deciding on your product packaging. There are various types of labels available for your labelling machinery, and it is essential you choose the right option for your specific requirements. The chemistry of adhesives causes them to react differently to various materials, and you might be surprised at how much of an impact this can have on your products. Consumers expect certain product labels to perform in certain ways and failing to do so can cause frustration and have a negative effect on your brand and product reputation.

The main types of label adhesive for any labelling machine are removable and permanent. We are taking a close look at the details of each.

Removable Labels

Removable labels might sound like a simple ask, but actually this kind of sticker is more complex than you think. The challenge here is that most manufacturers want a label which will stick well to their product, withstand many elements, but then also be easy to remove without residue when required. This is a lot to expect from a label, and there are various things to consider when it comes to removable labels:

  • Timeframe: You must know the length of time you want the label to be removable for. Consider if you need a label which is applied and then left until it is removed later, or a label which can be repositioned multiple times. The majority of adhesives build strength over time, so the timeframe for removing is critical.
  • Stock: The face stock which is used with the adhesive is also very important. A common mistake is a weak paper being paired with a strong adhesive, which leaves paper residue behind when its removed.

Removable labels are commonly used for:

  • Produce
  • Medical information and patient charts
  • Car maintenance record decals
  • Reusable containers
  • Product labels and price labels

Permanent Labels

In contrast to removable labels are permanent labels, which as the name suggests, stay on the product indefinitely. Permanent labels require very strong adhesives and need to be applied to a suitable material in order to stay in place for the long haul. They also need to have the correct face stock, which is strong enough to support the adhesive permanently. If you are considering permanent labels, be sure to factor in:

  • Exposure To Elements: Permanent labels are often exposed to the elements, particularly if they are used outdoors often.
  • Regular Handling: If a product is going to undergo regular handling, you will need to think about the type of adhesive that can withstand this kind of use.
  • Product Lifespan: Permanent labels only need to last as long as the product lifespan, and this can vary greatly between products.

Permanent labels are commonly used for:

  • Security labels
  • Outdoor products
  • Warning labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Automotive labels

Our team are specialists in labelling machinery and contract labelling and are on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best type of label adhesive for your products. Contact us today.