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How To Choose A Label Material You Can Write On?

What better way is there to add additional information to a product than with a label? Whether it’s a use-by date, a service label, or anything else you need to communicate to customers. A major problem however is that not all labels will accept all pens, and the last thing you want is for your important information to just rub off; or even worse, not even be able to write it at all.

If you’ve been looking for a label material you can write on, then the good news is you’re in the right place. At Atwell, we know everything there is to know when it comes to labels and labelling machines, and writable label material is no exception. To help you get set, we’ve put together this handy guide on what to look for when looking for a label material you can write on.

Matte Paper Labels

If you’re looking for a label that can take just about anything, then matte paper labels are definitely the one. They’re also great for pencil, as just like regular sheets of paper, matte paper labels usually aren’t coated with any fancy gloss sheen or anything that can be prohibitive to write on. Sometimes you may find some with a varnish, which will certainly make it difficult to write on in pencil, but for the most part matte paper labels won’t cause any troubles.

Polypropylene Labels

Gloss synthetic materials like gloss polypropylene can be a nightmare if you’re trying to write in ballpoint pen. The material doesn’t like ink at all, and it’ll immediately smudge off at the first opportunity. Matte polypropylene on the other hand is great at holding ink and is a perfect option for ballpoint pens. It’s also much more durable than standard matte paper labels.

Laminate Labels

While the two above examples would be great at handling permanent markers (thanks to their thicker tips, it’s always much easier to transfer ink), laminates aren’t so much. But this isn’t necessarily bad news! The failings between laminate labels and permanent markers makes them the perfect combination for some dry-wipe labels that need frequent updates or changes.

Write And Seal Laminate Labels

Perhaps one of the most durable and robust options of all are write and seal laminate labels. These come in two parts, with a base material that you can write on and a separate (but attached) clear plastic layer that can then be adhered over the rest of the label. This gives you the best of both worlds, with a matte paper base you can easily write on, and a laminate layer to keep the label protected.

What’s The Best Type Of Label Material For Labelling Machines?

There’s no single ‘best’ type of label material, as it depends on what you need it for. Write and seal laminate labels are great for providing a receptive material to write on and a robust layer to keep everything protected, but maybe you want to be able to rub the label clean every now and then? Hopefully, by following this guide, you’re a step closer to knowing exactly what kind of label material you need for the job at hand.

For any more info be sure to get in touch, and our team of qualified labelling experts can further assist you with whatever you need.