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How The Supply Chain Crisis Has Impacted Product Labels, And How To Protect Your Business

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a supply chain crisis and hundreds of industries have been affected in one way or another. From stock shortages in supermarkets to panic buying petrol, this current crisis is impacting almost every area of our daily lives. Raw materials which were once in abundance are now difficult to get hold off, and this combined with labour shortages and shipping problems, has had a detrimental effect on product labels. Many businesses are finding they have no materials to load up their labelling machinery, and this is resulting in products being unable to ship to customers and stockists. 

How Is The Supply Chain Crisis Impacting Label Materials?

Product manufacturers and label designers all across the world are experiencing an issue with supply at the minute. Some companies have been forced to push back product launches and are concerned about getting products to market before Christmas. This isn’t because of an issue with packaging materials such as plastic or glass, but instead because materials used in labelling machines is now hard to come by. Label printers are struggling to get their hands on the paper they need to produce product labels. There is a paper shortage which is affecting countries all over the world, and it isn’t just the label industry which is suffering. Book publishers, newspapers and various other industries are all in the same boat.

How To Protect Your Business From Supply Chain Issues?

Having paper to print labels on is something that most businesses have always taken for granted. Now that companies can’t fire up their labelling machines, many are realising they don’t have any contingency plans in place for these kind of supply chain issues. Now is the perfect time to set up these plans to protect your business in future. Here are some strategies which can help with the current situation, while also futureproofing your production line:

  • Consider Alternative Materials For Labels: As we’ve mentioned, paper is in short supply at the minute, but other materials are still readily available. It is worthwhile having a back up material and adhesive for your labels, just in case you need to swap out your original choice. Always test a new potential material by printing and applying some with your advanced labelling system, so that you are confident you won’t discover further issues down the line. 
  • Ask Your Printer About Safety Stock: Safety stock is when a certain amount of your usual label material is kept to one side. It means you can fall back on it should unexpected events occur, working like an insurance policy for sudden shortages. Most label printers will be open to discussing the option of safety stock, but bear in mind that you will have to balance the cost of obtaining and storing it. 

No one is able to predict when the next material shortage will hit or what areas will be impacted. As a business, you need to be prepared and ready to deal with all eventualities, so that you can continue your production as normal as possible. For more information on contract labelling services or labelling machines, contact our specialists