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How The Right Labelling Machine Can Help With Order Fulfilment

Fulfilling orders is arguably the most important step in your supply chain. Your entire logistics system needs to coordinate, so that the right products can be gathered and shipped to your customers. Labelling machines are often not considered part of the order fulfilment process but having the right equipment to hand can help to streamline the process. With advanced labelling systems and the correct implementation, you can reduce shipping problems, improve customer satisfaction, cut delivery times, and keep your costs to a minimum. Read on to find out how the right labelling machine can help your order fulfilment.

Cut Back On Human Error

Even when you have a highly trained and experienced team, human error is still inevitable. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and any delay in your labelling process could lead to delays in shipping and order fulfilment. Advanced labelling systems with automated features can eliminate human errors from your supply chain. Labelling equipment will use sensors to make sure container positions are just right, guaranteeing that labels are fixed in the same position every single time. Depending on your labelling machine, you can save various formats for each product, so once they are all set up, you can quickly and effortlessly switch between them.

Some technologies can integrate with your order management system so that your tracking and shipping details are automatically sent to your labelling machine. This removes another opportunity for human error to cause problems in your supply chain, as your workflow will be perfectly streamlined. In addition to cutting down on human error and preventing delays, labelling machinery can also save on labour costs.

Organising Large Warehouses

Trying to navigate a large warehouse with a lot of products requires extensive organisation. Most warehouses are made up of various floors, aisles, and racks which are all identical. Labels can help your staff to find the area, rack, and product they need for each order, by narrowing down their search to a specified location. As well as these organisation labels, labelling machines can help with the product labels themselves. These could be on each carton or on entire pallets, depending on your warehouse set up. Retro-reflective labels can help staff find what they need by scanning barcodes from a distance, which is perfect for products stored at high levels.

Faster Labelling With Less Floor Space

Some organisations are still reliant on manual labelling, but advanced labelling systems can drastically increase your team’s labelling speed. When you have an automated labelling machine in place, your staff members are free to help with other areas of order fulfilment, such as picking and packing. You never have to worry about a labelling station slowing down your production line, as labelling machinery keeps the speeds consistent and on track. Labelling machines can also save precious floor space in your premises, as even the most advanced system is unlikely to take up more room than manual labelling stations.

To find out more about how labelling machines could improve your order fulfilment, contact our team of experts today.