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Growth Technology

Growth Technology has been a pioneer in plant propagation and nutrition for advanced gardening for over 30 years.  The company has a wide range of high-quality horticultural products supplied in various bottles and containers and the wraparound labelling system has helped production to reach higher output levels.

Growth Technology had a requirement to label and code three horticultural products in 50 ml, 100 ml and 300 ml plastic cylindrical bottles after filling and capping on the production line.  Previously they had a tabletop labeller which was small and very inadequate because it was so slow.  It was clear from the forecasted demand for the products, that this system would not have kept up with expected production levels.  Atwell Labellers came up with a solution for Growth Technology and integrated a fully automatic linear wraparound labelling system, with a thermal transfer printer, into their current production line. The system was designed to suit the existing factory layout, with labelling speeds dependent on the products going through the current line.  An additional specification was that the system had to run to suit Growth Technology’s existing full wraparound labels.  A thermal transfer printer was required to print batch numbers and expiry dates directly onto the label before application.  Unusually the customer also, required white print to fit in with the existing colour scheme of the labels.  The system was designed with a bottle rotation unit that can easily be adjusted by a turn wheel for different diameter bottles, thereby reducing changeover times and production downtime.

Stuart Jones, Production Manager at Growth Technology, was pleased that the labelling system and the way it was seamlessly incorporated into the existing production line. “Atwell understood the requirements right from the beginning and delivered a top-quality labelling solution”, he explained. “They had an eye for detail from the initial quotation stage right through to the installation, commissioning and training.” Growth Technology now has a labelling system in place that not only increased the efficiency of their current production and but also has ensured that forecasted levels of production can be met in the future.