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Ramsbury Brewing & Distillery Ltd - Case Study​

Ramsbury Brewing & Distillery Ltd, situated within the expansive Ramsbury Estates spanning 19,000 acres, proudly exemplifies sustainability and self-sufficiency. As an integral part of the local community, Ramsbury actively nurtures a sense of belonging through various events held throughout the year to strengthen community bonds.

The unique challenge Ramsbury Brewing faced in achieving precise bottle labelling for their miniature bottles led them to seek a robust solution. Recognising the need for a tailored approach, Atwell Labellers collaborated closely with Ramsbury to design a system addressing this distinctive bottle labelling requirement.

Atwell Labellers innovatively developed a side bottle labelling system exclusively designed for Ramsbury’s miniature bottles. This cutting-edge solution facilitates the application of a thick label at a specific angle – 3/4 of the way around each bottle. To achieve a polished appearance in line with Ramsbury’s branding, the labelled bottles undergo a pneumatic press, ensuring a consistent and professional finish.

The integration of the customized side bottle labelling system and the pneumatic press not only resolved Ramsbury’s unique bottle labelling challenges but also significantly enhanced operational efficiency. The precision in label placement, coupled with the seamless integration of the Thermal Inkjet Printer, ensures a streamlined process from bottle labelling to batch identification.

Since the implementation of the Atwell bottle labelling system, it has proven to be exceptionally reliable, with no reported issues. Ramsbury Brewing successfully labelled over 50,000 miniature bottles of their small-batch vodka and gin, meeting both aesthetic and functional bottle labelling requirements.

Ramsbury Brewing & Distillery’s commitment to sustainability transcends operational practices; it extends to fostering a sense of community. Their circular eco-system and self-sufficiency are complemented by regular community events, making Ramsbury a cherished place for locals.

Ramsbury’s on-site shop proudly features an extensive selection of products, including gins, vodka, honey, oil, candles, beer, and branded merchandise—all crafted from produce grown and harvested on the estate. This not only underscores Ramsbury’s commitment to quality but also promotes a sustainable and locally sourced ethos through their bottle labelling initiatives.

Nik Fordham, the General Manager at Ramsbury Brewing & Distillery, drew upon his prior experience working with Atwell Labellers in a previous business. The strong working relationship and successful collaboration in the realm of bottle labelling prompted Nik to engage Atwell once again for this project, based on the trust and confidence established through past experiences in bottle labelling solutions.


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