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Bottle Labelling Machinery: 3 Questions To Ask Before Investing

Whether you have been using a manual labelling process for decades, or your existing labelling machinery is no longer suitable, investing in the right advanced labelling system is critical. When it comes to bottle labelling, there are various options available to you, and it is important to consider all aspects of your production line before making a decision. The right labelling machinery for your organisation will depend on the type of bottled products you are producing, your workforce and their skillsets, and how many products you need to label. 

These are three questions you should always ask before investing in a new bottle labelling machine:

What Bottle Size And Shape Are You Labelling?

Bottled products come in all shapes and sizes, and this makes a big impact on the type of labelling machine you need. The majority of bottles are cylindrical and because of this, many systems can only apply labels to round products. If your bottles are tapered, then you might need to consider a specialist applicator which is able to stick labels without skewing them. Some companies have square bottles which need to be labelled in the same way as a box, such as with front labelling or multi side labelling. 

Once you have determined the shape of your bottles, you also need to look at the size. Many businesses choose to invest in labelling machinery which can handle various sized bottles, so they can scale up or down depending on demand and future opportunities. For example, if you are producing wine, you will need a labelling machine which can work with 750ml glass bottles. But in future you might decide to expand your offering to miniatures or half bottles, and your labelling equipment should be able to handle this. 

How Many Labels Do You Need On Each Product?

Every product is different, some will only need one label, while others might need 4 or 5. This all comes down to your label design and requirements, but you need to choose a machine which meets your needs. Bottles typically use wrapround labelling or front and back labelling, but other options include tamper-proof labels, cover labels and bottle neck labels. 

Do Your Labels Require Printing?

It isn’t just about applying the labels to your products, but also if your labels are going to require additional printing. This is often the case for items which need to have expiration dates, barcodes, production codes or serial numbers. These bits of information need to be added by batch on the production line, so you might need a labelling machine which can handle this on your behalf. Another option is thermal transfer printing, which is a process where ink is melted directly onto the label to create a permanent text.

At Atwell Labellers, we offer a huge range of labelling machinery suitable for all types of bottled products. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss your requirements in more detail. Get in touch today.