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5 Unique Ways To Use A Labelling Machine For Your Products

Labelling machines are versatile pieces of kit and when used as part of your production line, they can streamline packaging and labelling processes effortlessly. While the main purpose or labelling machinery is to apply labels accurately and efficiently, there are numerous creative ways this equipment can be used. We’re sharing our top five unique ways to use a labelling machine for your products.

    1. Personalised Information Labelling machines can be programmed to print unique or personalised information on each label, allowing for individual content on every product. For example, if you’re producing customised drinks, labelling machinery can print flavour names, batch numbers, or even personalised messages onto each label. This level of customisation adds a personal touch and enhances customer engagement, making your product an unforgettable option.
    2. Multi-Layered Labelling A labelling machine can be used to apply multi-layered labels that provide additional information about the product. Piggyback labels are a popular option for food products with complex ingredients or allergen information. Labelling machines can apply labels with a number of peelable layers, revealing specific details such as preparation instructions or nutritional facts, enhancing convenience and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
    3. QR Codes Integrating QR codes into labels is an innovative way to connect you’re your tech-savvy customers. By incorporating a labelling machine capable of printing QR codes, such as a print and apply machine, you can provide an interactive experience for customers. When scanned, the QR code can lead to a product website, offer exclusive promotions, or provide additional product information, enhancing brand engagement and offering a seamless digital experience.
    4. Security Labelling Labelling machines can be used to apply tamper-evident labels which provide added security for your products. This is particularly useful for pharmaceutical products, high-value electronics, or any item that requires protection against counterfeiting or tampering. Labelling machines can print labels with intricate patterns, holographic elements, or special adhesives that make it easy to detect any tampering attempts, ensuring product integrity and consumer safety.
    5. Batch Coding And Traceability Labelling machines can also be used for batch coding and serialisation. In industries where traceability and quality control are crucial, such as pharmaceuticals or electronics, advanced labelling systems can print unique codes, serial numbers, or expiration dates on each label. This ensures accurate tracking of products throughout the supply chain and provides effective recall management if required, ultimately improving product safety and regulatory compliance.

By exploring these unique applications, you can maximize the value of your labelling machinery for your products. Whether it’s adding a personal touch, providing in-depth information with piggyback labels, or ensuring security with tamper-evident labels, a labelling machine can do so much more than simply label your products. For more information on how labelling machines can help your products shine, or for advice on the right equipment for your business, contact our expert team today