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5 Of The Biggest Labelling Machine Mistakes

Labelling machines can help to streamline the labelling process and ensure perfectly placed labels every single time. With so many benefits to labelling machines, it is no surprise that they are used across a huge range of industries and by businesses of all sizes. But these advanced labelling systems are not always perfect, and the way they are used plays a big role in the outcome. Our expert are sharing the 5 biggest labelling machine mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Misaligned Labels

The last thing any brand wants is wonky product labels. Having precise and well-placed labels impacts your product’s quality perception among consumers. While misaligned labels are often a result of manual labelling, it can happen with labelling machines as well. It happens when the labelling machine isn’t properly calibrated or if the rollers are out of sync. 

How To Avoid It: Regularly calibrate your labelling machine to ensure labels go where they’re supposed to. Double-check those rollers – they need to be in perfect harmony to avoid label chaos.

  1. Air Bubbles and Wrinkles

Air bubbles and wrinkles can occur when a label hasn’t been applied smoothly onto a product’s surface. Just like misaligned labels, wrinkles and bubbles can be detrimental to your product and ultimately impact customer satisfaction and sales. A label which has not been properly applied can leave a product looking unfinished and unprofessional. While a labelling machine should never leave air bubbles and wrinkles, it can happen if uneven pressure is applied during the application or if the label wasn’t properly prepped.

How To Avoid It: Have your labelling machine regularly serviced and well-maintained to ensure it is applying correct pressure. Also check that the product surface is clean and dry before applying the label. 

  1. Label Jams

Labelling machines can be prone to jamming, which can lead to a delay on your production line. When a machine jams, you will need to fix the problem and reload the machine before continuing to apply to your products. Label jams often occur if the label stock isn’t properly loaded, or if the machine’s sensors get misaligned on when to release the labels.

How To Avoid It: Load the label stock with care, ensuring it’s properly aligned and tensioned. Keep an eye on the sensors during the process and pause the machine if any issues occur. 

  1. Label Bleed

Label bleed can happen with print and apply labelling machines, or other types of labelling equipment. It’s when the ink from your label smudges or spreads, creating a messy and unprofessional look. This can occur if the label stock isn’t compatible with the printing method or if the printing settings aren’t correct.

How To Avoid It: Use label stock that’s suitable for your printing method. Ensure your printing settings are correct for your product labels.

Misaligned labels, air bubbles, label jams and label bleed are just some of the common labelling machine mistakes that can impact your product production. By staying vigilant, regularly maintaining your labelling machine, and conducting thorough testing, you can avoid these mishaps and ensure your products are labelled perfectly time and time again. For more information, contact our team today