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4 Things To Consider When Designing New Product Labels

Product labels are there to increase your sales, build brand awareness, and provide essential information to your consumers. The right label design can enhance the customer experience and ensure your products are performing above the competition. Before you get started with your labelling machinery, you need to make sure your product label designs are up to scratch. We’re sharing our top 4 things to consider when designing new product labels.

Colours Will Impact Your Customer Experience

The colours of your labels are just as important as the colours of your packaging or your products. It might be easy to just choose plain and simple labels which portray all the relevant information, but without colours that grab consumers attention, you could be missing out on sales opportunities. Everyone knows that colours evoke emotions, so it is important that your labels are using the right emotions for the experience you want to create for your customers. For example, yellow labels will associate your products with energy and freshness, while blue could have a soothing and calming impact. Green is often used for products which are to be perceived as healthy or environmentally friendly.

Label Shape Is Also Important

When considering label design, it is easy to just look at the colours and artwork, but the shape of your product labels can also say a lot to your customers. Triangle labels are often associated with warnings or important messages, while circles are seen as solid or mysterious, and rectangles are considered strong and secure. Consider these associations at the early stage of the design process, and also think about the best shapes for use with your labelling machinery.

Cost Efficient Printing Methods

The price of your labels is always going to be an important factor, and one that should be considered at the design stage. The size and shape of the labels can have a big impact as the less waste you create the more efficient the labels will become. It is also worth thinking about the label material and whether you will need anything specialist for your products, such as a specific adhesive type. The colours used in your design can also affect the price. If your label machinery can print in standard CMYK colours, then this is likely to be more cost effective than unique colours.

Label Application Processes

Finally, you will need to think about the methods you are using to apply your label to your packaging. If you are using an automatic labelling machine then you need to make sure the size, material, and shape of your labels are going to be compatible with your equipment. If you are using a manual labelling process, then make sure you consider how easy your new labels will be to apply by hand in large quantities. With manual labelling, precision on placement isn’t always guaranteed, and this might have an impact on your design.

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