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Archive for May, 2021

Spotlight On Cross Web Labelling Machines: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on: May 25th, 2021 by Zoe

A cross web labelling machine is a popular choice for those who need high-speed, high accuracy labelling on thermoformed packaging. These types of labelling machines allow businesses to precisely apply labels on either the top or the bottom of thermoformed packages. Cross web labellers can work with many different kinds of labels, depending on your requirements, so you can choose a material and format that works for you. These machines can work with the HMI of the thermoforming packaging machinery for a full-service system, or can be mounted onto any type of thermoformer. Cross web advanced labelling machines meet all the requirements of the medical sector and the food industry, making them a popular choice for these businesses.

Types Of Cross Web Labelling Machines

There are various types of cross web labelling machines designed to suit a wide range of requirements. Whether you need labels for marketing purposes or for vital information such as date coding, bar codes or product information, a cross web labelling machine can help. Here are some of the most popular types of cross web labelling machinery:

Benefits Of Cross Web Labelling Machines

Many businesses and industries choose cross web labelling machines because of the many benefits they can bring. These advanced labelling systems are:

For more information on cross web labelling machines, and to determine the best options for your business, contact our team. At Atwell Labellers, we are specialists in all kinds of labelling machinery and can offer advice and guidance for your unique business.

What Is Tamper Evident Labelling And How Does It Work?

Posted on: May 18th, 2021 by Zoe

Depending on the industry you are operating within, your business might be required to use tamper-evident labels. Pharmaceutical products, food items, cleaning solutions and laundry products all use these kinds of labels for added security. Many advanced labelling systems are able to print and apply tamper-evident labels to a wide range of products and can help both businesses and consumers remain safe at all times. For some companies, tamper-evident labels are a legal requirement; for others, they are just a nice guarantee to provide to customers. Either way, your labelling machines need to be prepared for these types of labels, and your products need to be designed to accommodate them.

What Are Tamper Evident Labels?

A tamper-evident label is a type of seal that is applied to a product using a labelling machine that indicates if it has been tampered with or opened. Usually, they are round or rectangle labels that have a very strong adhesive to make them impossible to tamper with. Manufacturers can stick these labels on their products over the packaging seals so they cannot be opened without it being obvious. In order to open packaging that has a tamper-evident label on it, the customer will have to either tear the label or peel it off, which will leave behind a residue.

There are other options available to businesses that want to ensure their products are tamper-proof. These include foil wrapping, glued cartons and special folding boxes. The issue with all of these methods is that the entire product packaging needs to be adapted to be tamper-evident. On the other hand, labels can be easily added, and all a business needs is a labelling machine or a contract labelling service to apply tamper-evident labels to their products.

Types Of Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels are available in different sizes and shapes, and the type you need will depend on your product and packaging. No matter the type of label you are using, it must have a strong enough adhesive that it cannot be easily peeled off without leaving visible residue or destroying the package. Types of tamper-evident labelling include:

If you require tamper-evident labels for your products, then you will need an appropriate labelling machine. For more information on our advanced labelling systems and to discuss your requirements, get in touch with our team.

5 Benefits Of Contract Labelling

Posted on: May 11th, 2021 by Zoe

Contract labelling can be a really great option for some businesses who do not want to invest the time and money into their own labelling machinery. It is essentially just outsourcing your labelling requirements to a professional company, which can print and apply your labels on your behalf. Contract labelling is commonly used for new projects, short runs or unexpected orders, and it offers many benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you are considering contract labelling services for your products, check out these five benefits:

Purchasing your own advanced labelling systems is a significant expense for your business and one that might not be necessary depending on your requirements. Outsourcing your label printing to another supplier means you are only paying for the print run you need, as opposed to entire labelling machines and consumables. Some contract labelling services have minimum order quantities, but the price of this is always going to be less than buying your own labelling machine. Investing in labelling machinery over contract labelling is only worthwhile if you do not need to make regular label applications.

Contract labelling companies are professionals and highly experience in the world of label printing and application. They will have the labelling machines, consumables, and knowledge to ensure that your labels come out perfectly every time. Some packaging might require specific types of label printing or materials, and a contract labeller will be well equipped to handle this. Contract labelling guarantees high quality product labels every time.

Printing labels for your products takes time, and even the fastest labelling machines will take some time away from other tasks. You will need to factor in time for processing your artwork, troubleshooting and actually printing and applying your labels. Contract labelling handles all of this for you so that you can focus on other activities in your business.

Contract labelling companies have a wide range of labelling machines at their disposal. They can print on different materials and even add embellishments such as gold foil, transparent substrates or textured papers. When you don’t attempt to handle all your labelling requirements yourself, you can open yourself up to many new opportunities. Not only that, but contract labellers will have the equipment to apply labels to all kinds of products, such as boxes, tins, bottles, buckets and more.

When you choose a contract labelling service, you are selecting professionals in the field of label printing and application. These companies know everything there is to know about operating labelling machinery and using this equipment to get the very best results every single time. Learning the ins and outs of advanced labelling systems is not an easy task, and by choosing contract labelling, you can rest assured you are getting the best advice and service from the experts.

To find out more about our contract labelling services and discuss your label requirements, contact our specialist team today.

4 Mistakes Businesses Make When Investing In New Labelling Machinery

Posted on: May 4th, 2021 by Zoe

Once you have decided to purchase a labelling machine, you have the crucial task of choosing the right equipment for your business. Whether you are replacing old labelling machinery or buying your first ever labelling machine, it is essential you make the right decision. With so many different types of equipment and labels to consider, you need to properly understand your requirements before you can pick your labelling machine. From advanced labelling systems to simple print and apply machines, your new equipment is an investment into your business and products. There are some common mistakes that many companies make when buying labelling machines, and today we are covering what these are and how you can avoid them.

Making A Price-Based Decision

A lot of companies base their buying decisions on price alone, and this can lead to problems further down the road. Some people opt for the cheapest labelling machine they can find in the hope to save some money but wind up with a faulty machine just months later. On the other hand, some businesses choose the most expensive advanced labelling systems out there, with the idea that it will dramatically cut down production times and save money in the long run. However, if you’ve chosen an expensive labelling machine that isn’t designed for your requirements, you won’t be getting the best from it. You should always base your buying decision on what you want to achieve from your new labelling machinery and your unique labelling requirements.

Not Considering Maintenance And Spare Parts

Your brand new labelling machine breaking down might not be at the forefront of your mind when choosing your equipment, but you should take this into consideration. Many companies make the mistake of selecting uncommon or foreign brands which don’t have spare parts readily available should something go wrong. The hard truth is that over time labelling machines will begin to fail, and being able to service and repair them quickly and efficiently is critical to your business operations.

Choosing The Wrong Features

There are many advanced labelling systems out there with an abundance of new, high-tech features to choose from. From fully automated labelling machines to various optional add-ons, you should not get carried away by selecting features you do not need. Keep your requirements and budget at the forefront of your mind when choosing new equipment, and don’t decide to modify your existing processes because of a new machine capability. Focus on the features that you really need to improve your current processes and improve your ROI.

Buying From A Poor Service Company

Buying a labelling machine is no small decision, and these machines are complicated pieces of equipment. You should only invest your money in a business that offers excellent service and is reliable in the event that something goes wrong. It is vital that you buy your labelling machinery from a supplier who provides various services and aftersales support to help you get the most out of your new equipment.

If you need advice and guidance on choosing a suitable labelling machine for your business, contact our team at Atwell Labellers today.