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SmartDate X40

SmartDate X40

The SmartDate X40 represents a transparent, advanced coding solution including long term cost control, planet conscious design, greater uptime and increased performance on the line even in harsh environmental conditions.

Your benefits

  • New standard 1100 m ribbon reduces changeovers and improves cost per print.
  • Patented ribbon saving features help to minimize ribbon waste.
  • Best in industry 18-month standard warranty*.
  • Excellent availability ratio of up to 99.6%* without assistance due to new standard 1100 m ribbon.
  • IP protection option for harsh environmental conditions and frequent pressurized water cleaning.
  • IP protection kit for installed SmartDate X40.
  • Print speeds up to 600 mm/s.
  • High quality 300 dpi resolution.
  • Up to 50% reduction in power consumption.
  • Up to 20% less ribbon waste with new standard ribbon design.

Further Info

SmartDate 5

The SmartDate 5 128 delivers a new level of efficiency in wide format printing of information ranging from multi-pack to ingredient lists and nutritional statements.

Your benefits

  • Print large messages such as full nutritional labeling, ingredient or multi-pack applications.
  • Advanced design now available with up to a 128 mm x 150 mm (5” x 6”) print area delivering two times the variable print format capacity, eliminating the need for additional printers on your packaging line.
  • Print multiple codes on multi-lane packaging lines. Minimize preprinted packaging film inventory by printing variable product and nutritional information simultaneously.
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface with USB connectivity offers easy operation for fast, accurate code and ingredient changes.

Further Info

Smartdate 5
Smartdate x60

SmartDate X60

Designed for the most demanding, high-volume applications, the SmartDate X60 delivers high resolution thermal transfer printing at ultrafast speeds.

Its long-life thermal  can print 300 dpi codes on flexible packaging film at more than 350 packs per minute.

Your benefits 

  • High speed printing up to 1000 mm/s in full 300 dpi resolution.
  • Excellent quality printing using full resin ribbons up to 600 mm/s and improved quality on difficult applications.
  • Long life thermal printhead.
  • Digital Ribbon Save Print Mode to reduce ribbon consumption by 20%.
  • Standard 1100 m ribbon reduces changeovers and improves cost per print.
  • Best in industry 18-month standard warranty*.
  • Image Adjustment allowing the image to be adjusted on the user interface without the need of a laptop.
  • Power saving features reducing power consumption by up to 50%.