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Matrix Cross Web Top Package Labeller

Atwell Labellers
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  • Patented Open IP65 design allowing water to drain
  • Constructed completely of corrosion resistant materials
  • Label dispensing speeds above 60 meters per minute
  • Label placement accuracy +/- 0.5mm
  • Honeycomb tamp fin design for greater label control at higher speeds
  • 320 x 240mm backlight waterproof touchscreen
  • Ability to store 24 programs as standard
  • Ability to apply up to 24 labels per row
  • Ability to label up to 12 rows per cycle
  • On screen fault system
  • Password protected (optional) maintenance screen
  • IP65 stainless steel control cabinet
  • Computer adjusted photoeye sensitvity
  • Heat sink cooling system without fans
  • Fault signal output for host machine
  • Home indexing each cycle for positive positioning
  • Standard 350mm diameter label reel capacity
  • 230mm diameter backing paper take up reel with quick release system for easy waste removal
  • Wash Down Features
  • Open design to prevent water from pooling
  • Patented pererated rollers
  • IP65 control panel incorportaing a built in heater to control cabinet humidity
  • Sealed stepper motors & fans
  • Quick release IP65 control cables
  • Easily removed fan box for cleaning and label removal
  • Maintenance Features
  • Drive heads, tamp unit and motors are easily removed
  • Wiring looms are exposed and fitted with quick release plugs for identification and replacement
  • LED indicators on all actuators, proximity sensors and photosensors
  • Interchangeable, modular stepper motor drives
  • Fully adjustable label speed, longitudal speed registrations and tamp time settings


Empty pack detetction systems to save labels & downtime Ultrasonic label detect sensor for use with paper & plastic labels End of label supply warning light & fault signal In-line coding via Hot Foil Coder or Thermal Transfer Printer Head to Head labelling software Non-symmetrical label placement software

Technical Specifications

Web Width:150MM TO 300MM
Label Detection:p.e cell or ultrasonic
Label Roll:300mm -400mm
Label Core:45mm or 76mm I/D
Drive:Stepper or servo
Electrical Supply:208-240 Volts AC 50/60hz single phase 6.0 amps
Conveyor:To suit the product / application
Services:single phase or three phase 230v AC, 50/50Hz, 600watt. Clean compressed air, as required
Hot Foil Coder:(Optional): Print areas 12mm x 30mm 40mm or 40mm x 28mm. Variable temperature, dwell controls and ribbon indexing. Pneumatically operated.
Thermal Transfer:min 30mmx40mm / max 105mmx128mm
Min Label Width:20mm
Min Label Length:20mm
Max Label Width:300mm
Max Label Length:400mm