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  • Simple, fast labelling of straight sided cylindrical containers including small diameter vials. Containers are placed on the revolving bottle jig rollers. Label dispense is then activated by footswitch leaving both hands free for quick bottle changeover.
  • Insert by hand and remove by hand when label applied.
  • Patch or full wrapround subject to container diameter.
  • Turnwheel adjustment for easy positioning of label on side of container and changeover of different diameter packs.
  • Motor driven 2 speed bottle jig for quick label application and trailing edge smooth down.
  • Covered jig rollers incorporating bearings on stainless steel shafts.
  • Easily upgrades to fully auto 1600 WRAPROUND or TRI-ROLLER labelling systems.
  • Left or right hand versions.


120mm or 200mm web widths. Microswitch for clear labels. Stainless steel floor stand. Hot foil or thermal transfer printers. Standard or pre-set to stop label counters.

Technical Specifications

Web Width:120MM TO 300MM
Label Detection:By p.e. cell or miscroswitch OR ULTRASONIC
Label Roll:Standard 270mmMax 400mm diameter
Label Core:45mm or 76mm I/D
Drive:programmable stepper drive. Thermal overload trip
Electrical Supply:230v AC 50/60Hz
Conveyor:To suit the product / application
Services:single phase or three phase 230v AC, 50/50Hz, 600watt. Clean compressed air, as required
Hot Foil Coder:(Optional): Print areas 12mm x 30mm 40mm or 40mm x 28mm. Variable temperature, dwell controls and ribbon indexing. Pneumatically operated.
Thermal Transfer:min 30mmx40mm / max 105mmx128mm
Min Label Width:15mm
Min Label Length:15mm
Max Label Width:300mm
Max Label Length:500mm