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Front & Back Labeller

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  • The AL120S Series Front/Back system is designed to meet the requirements for 2 sides labelling of bottles and similar containers for shampoo, detergents, ketchup, food dressings and similar products.
  • For quick changeover the wipedown belts, label heads and chain aligner are mounted on horizontal spindles with centre line single turnwheel adjustment.
  • The systems are solidly constructed for use in industrial environments. Conveyor, head gripper and wipedown belts use 220v/240v drive motors. There are many in use around the world.
  • The control units are placed in a high but still convenient position, making it easy to perform adjustments and ensuring the safety of the control unit.
  • The AL120S Series Front/Back unit is equipped with a chain aligner system for product orientation, ensuring correct positioning of the containers before the label is applied. The container position is adjusted by the spring mounted motorised chains before it moves under the head gripper where it is released. The head gripper is mounted on a vertical stainless steel spindle system for easy adjustment when needed.
  • The label heads are mounted on stainless steel vertical/horizontal adjustable spindles with XY adjustment and as optional can have motorised unwind of the label rolls.
  • The basic AL120S Series Front/Back is supplied with a conveyor 2500 x 83mm, with adjustable side guides and emergency stop function. It can be delivered in several options.


Motorised Unwind for label head. Product separator. Label counters. End of roll alarm/warning light. Hot foil coder or thermal transfer printer. Infeed/outfeed rotary tables. Wrapround unit for cylindrical bottles.

Technical Specifications

Web Width:120MM TO 300MM
Label Detection:By p.e. cell or miscroswitch OR ULTRASONIC
Label Roll:Standard 270mmMax 400mm diameter
Label Core:45mm or 76mm ID Cores
Drive:Stepper Motor
Electrical Supply:230v AC 50/60Hz
Conveyor:To suit the product / application
Services:single phase or three phase 230v AC, 50/50Hz, 600watt. Clean compressed air, as required
Hot Foil Coder:(Optional): Print areas 12mm x 30mm 40mm or 40mm x 28mm. Variable temperature, dwell controls and ribbon indexing. Pneumatically operated.
Rotary Tables:600mm x 1500mm infeed & outfeed (with product separator) or Outfeed, Bottle Dividers for Infeed Table as required.
Thermal Transfer:min 30mmx40mm / max 105mmx128mm
Min Label Width:15mm
Min Label Length:15mm
Max Label Width:300mm
Max Label Length:500mm