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3 Signs You Are Ready To Stop Labelling By Hand

Most small businesses start out by applying their product labels by hand, and selling small quantities online and in local stores or markets. Hand labelling is a great way to get your products and business off the ground, but as your brand grows and sales increase, it can become a real issue. For larger quantities, hand applying your labels can become very time consuming, as well as leading to quality issues and increased waste.

The logical next step from hand labelling is a labelling machine, but knowing when to take the leap and invest in this equipment can be confusing. Buy too soon in anticipation of a big sales boost, and you could find yourself in a difficult financial situation if sales don’t go to plan. On the other hand, buy too late and you could be left unable to fulfil orders due to labelling issues. Our experts are sharing their top 3 signs that you are ready to stop labelling by hand.

Your Sales Are Growing

Every small business has the goal to increase sales, and when this goal becomes reality, it can mean it’s time to invest in a labelling machine. If you find yourself spending every evening and weekend hand sticking labels to products due to be shipped any minute, then now is the time to buy your own labelling machinery. When you reach the point of struggling to keep up with demand, it is time to invest in your business and improve your processes for a sleeker production line.

Your Labels Are Inconsistent

Hand labelling often leads to labels which are not applied properly. Whether that is inconsistent placement or adhesive not being properly stuck, leading to labels peeling quickly. In the early business days, it is likely you had more time to carefully apply each label and ensure it was perfectly placed. As sales increase, your labelling becomes rushed, leading to lower quality finishes. Having inconsistent labels can be detrimental to your brand, and leave your products looking unprofessional.

You’re Wasting A Lot Of Labels

When you apply all your labels by hand, it is inevitable that some will become damaged in the process. Whether that is a torn label as you remove it from the backing, or a poorly placed label which needs to be removed and replaced. If you find yourself wasting a large amount of labels through hand applications, it could be a sign that you need to move onto a labelling machine.

There are so many types of labelling machines to choose from, and choosing the right one to move away from manual hand labelling can make a big difference to your business. Many brands choose to move to a manual label applicator such as a print and apply labelling machine, before eventually moving up to a fully automated advanced labelling system. For more information on purchasing your first labelling machine, contact us today.

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