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Spotlight On Labelease: Everything You Need To Know About Labelling Cylindrical Containers

If you are producing products that are stored and sold in a jar, bottle or tin, then the chances are you need a way to label them. From wine to jam, there are endless products that require cylindrical wraparound labelling. Deciding on the labels for your products and the best methods for applying them can be confusing. Some businesses choose to use multiple labels on one jar, while others want one label to wrap around the entire thing. As experts in labelling machinery, we are here to share with you everything you need to know about labelling cylindrical containers.

What Is Labelease?

One of our most popular labelling machines is Labelease. It is designed for labelling cylindrical containers such as jam jars, bottles and tins. Labelease works quickly and simply to stick self-adhesive labels onto straight-sided cylindrical containers. This labelling machine is very straightforward to use, making it a top choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Simply place the container on the revolving rollers and use the foot switch to activate the label dispenser. The foot switch leaves the operator’s hands free, allowing for a quick change over of products.

Unlike automatic labelling machines, Labelease requires products to be inserted and removed by hand. This makes it perfect for smaller quantities, but for very large runs, this labelling machine might not be the best option. For these larger runs, Labelease can be upgraded to a fully auto 1600 WRAPROUND or TRI-ROLLER labelling machine. You can choose either full wrapround labels or patch labels depending on your preference and the product diameter. Labelease is one of the best labelling machines on the market for applying labels to jars, bottles, tins and more.

Cylindrical Labelling Top Tips

Before you fire up your printer and get started with your labelling machinery, there are a few things you need to think about regarding your cylindrical labels.

  • Number Of Labels: You need to decide how many labels you want to use on your jars or bottles. Having just one wrapround label can save on design and printing costs and be quicker to apply using a labelling machine. However, one label often means fitting all your information into one space or completely covering up your container. Sometimes having a front and back label is a better option as customers can see the product, and you have more room for text and images.
  • Container Shape: Not all cylindrical containers are the same, and the shape and size of your container can impact your label. Self-adhesive labels always stick better to flat surfaces and those with a regular shape, like the curve of a jar. Sticking labels onto an irregular shape can prevent the label from staying down. The adhesive on the label is more robust when applied to a large, regular surface area.
  • Quantity Of Products: You should know how many products you need to label in one go to choose the most appropriate labelling machinery. Labelease is excellent for smaller runs where manual input is reasonable; however, a fully automated label machine will be a better option if you have a lot of products.

For more information on using Labelease for your products, or to find a labelling machine suited to your requirements, contact us today.