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C Wrap Labeller

Atwell Labellers
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  • Many types of containers for salads, sandwiches, fruit, etc. Are often sealed with a self adhesive label.
  • It is placed over the opening of the container, with a part of the label on the top of the pack, with sales information and another part on the bottom, with product data.
  • The containers are running on the conveyor with the opening leading and the lid down.
  • The conveyor is split in 2 sections, for the label to be dispensed down, in front of the pack.
  • The container will run into the label and the label is brought over the top surface and along the bottom of the pack. 2 sidebelts are supporting the transport of the container, during the labelling.
  • By adjusting the sidebelts in/out and the dispenser up/down, the system can handle many sizes of containers.


This solution can be delivered in many configurations and have a print system

Technical Specifications

Web Width:120MM TO 300MM
Label Detection:By p.e. cell or miscroswitch OR ULTRASONIC
Label Roll:Standard 270mmMax 400mm diameter
Label Core:45mm or 76mm ID core
Drive:programmable stepper drive. Thermal overload trip
Electrical Supply:230v AC 50/60Hz
Conveyor:To suit the product / application
Services:single phase or three phase 230v AC, 50/50Hz, 600watt. Clean compressed air, as required
Hot Foil Coder:(Optional): Print areas 12mm x 30mm 40mm or 40mm x 28mm. Variable temperature, dwell controls and ribbon indexing. Pneumatically operated.
Rotary Tables:600mm diameter.
Thermal Transfer:min 30mmx40mm / max 105mmx128mm
Min Label Width:15mm
Min Label Length:15mm
Max Label Width:300mm
Max Label Length:500mm