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Labels & Consumables

Over the last few years Atwell’s have developed and expanded its Labels & consumables business which now includes the following added value services for our customers:-

  • Full label design and artwork, including stock cutters
  • Digital label printing of smaller self-adhesive label orders
  • Flexo & Litho self-adhesive & linerless label printing up to 10 colours one side and 4 on the reverse
  • Supply of plain and single colour self-adhesive & linerless labels
  • Secure label call off and storage
  • BRC accredited production sites
  • Fast lead times and extremely competitive prices

Atwell’s also offer a full consumable support business for the range of equipment supplied including:

  • Full inventory of self-adhesive and linerless Labelling system spares
  • Hot foil Ribbons, type holders and metal type characters
  • Thermal transfer ribbons and cleaning kits
  • Continuous ink jet coloured inks & solvents

Atwell’s intention is to ensure that its customers always receive the best possible service and that Atwell’s retain in its position within the industry as the number one for product development, continually bringing new ideas and environmental concepts to the market.


Why Consider Changing?

As part of Atwell’s continuous product development program we are pleased to now offer our customers a truly exciting opportunity to improve your labelling line efficiencies, reduce your costs and help the environment.

Achieved by changing from your existing glassine liner self-adhesive labels to the same labels on a PET liner

  • In-house coating facility via our chosen partners
  • R&D platform for customer driven projects
  • Direct cost benefits passed on to our customers
  • Components sourced from global leaders including Exxon Mobil, Innovia and Henkel

We offer Synthetic labels at no on-cost to paper

  • Through our in house materials we have the ability to change our customers from paper to Synthetic with no on-cost to switch.
  • Synthetic materials are proven to be recyclable were as paper labels are identified as being a hazard to the environment, WRAP Project

All our in-house materials, including our paper materials, can be supplied on PET backing at no extra cost

  • PET backing increase productivity
  • PET reduces the number of web snaps
  • Helps business to meet ISO14001 directives


Concept of PET Liner

  • The current “glassine” label backing material is not easy to recycle and nearly 100% becomes land fill
  • This “glassine” liner is made from processed paper and is subject to the same price rises as the face material as it all comes from the same source
  • Nearly 50% of your label cost is simply thrown away as waste
  • Greater flexibility than “linerless” labelling as the feed and printing process is the same as your current label material and not restricted by label shape.
  • The face paper and adhesive are identical to your current self-adhesive label application


PET Liner Advantages

The waste liner is 100% recyclable and consists of pure PET material which is;

  • A known commodity in the waste recycling market
  • Easy to process and has unlimited re-processing potential
  • Has a smaller footprint than the equivalent paper liner which means more can be stored in a smaller space ready for recycling
  • Helps your business meet local and national recycling directives and ISO 14001
  • Less line stops due to more labels per roll
  • The elimination of land fill costs, typical cost per ton of waste is £150.00 and the cost of the uplift of the waste from the factory
  • The PET waste can be sold commercially to offset your labeling cost. Current prices for clean PET is approx. £300 metric ton
  • Less storage space required in the warehouse
  • Reduces your “carbon footprint” and the associated cost saving in carbon credits
  • Lower transport costs due to more labels per roll


What is the spot price for PET?

PET Price 1
PET Price 2
PET Price 3


Added Value (Service)

Customer Focused – of course we are. But how are we different?

  • Request sample packs, quotes or open an account online
  • Transparent M.I.S
  • Unique “Real-Time” scheduling
  • Dedicated business team
  • After sales support. Including technical and NPD.
  • Online stock control and call-off via secure Extranet
  • Invested in a CRM system



In summary

We have the infrastructure to consistently deliver to customer specific requirements working with our chosen partners

Through innovation we lead the labelling market

We understand the recycling industry and offer a range of environmentally smart products

By working in partnership we can add true value to your business