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How Temperature Can Impact Your Label Durability?

Thousands of different products are subjected to hot or cold temperatures during their life cycle. When you manufacture items which are likely to be used in adverse climates, then it is essential that your labels are up to the challenge. Some products will experience varying temperatures during the label application process and when in the labelling machinery, while others are likely to be placed in hot or cold areas sometime after. Understanding how temperature impacts label durability and the role it plays in your products life is so important. In this article, we are looking at some specific issues temperature can cause with your label machines and product packaging.

Label Adhesives And Temperatures

Every single label has some kind of adhesive to stick it to the products. Whether you are using front and back labelling machines or wrapround labelling, there will be a glue of some sort involved in the process. Adhesives are one of the most important considerations when looking at temperature, as they can cause problems during application and further down the line. Each type of label adhesive will have a different minimum temperature for application, and applying in a different environment to this could prevent it from sticking. For example, for products which are exposed to high temperatures or are hot-filled, an acrylic adhesive could work well, but this wouldn’t be a good choice for colder application conditions. 

Adhesives can also fail after they have been applied. This is often the case if extreme heat or cold has occurred, such as if the product goes in a freezer or is left in direct sunlight. These extreme temperatures can cause the adhesive to break down and labels will begin to peel or fall off completely. There are some label adhesives which are designed to withstand all temperatures and environmental factors, and these are always worth considering if your products are likely to be subjected to hot or cold.

The Effect Of Temperature On Face Stock

It isn’t just label adhesive that you need to worry about, but also the stock you use in your labelling machine. Some materials cannot withstand environments which are overly hot or cold, and it is important to plan your labels accordingly. Consider how your products are likely to be used in future, and then choose your label stocks based on this. For example, are your products likely to end up in an ice cooler, or on a shelf in a steamy bathroom? Labels made from film substrates are able to handle high heats well, while paper materials can struggle in these areas.

Warping Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels are another option for a lot of different shaped products, but there are also some considerations to make when it comes to extreme environments. If a shrink sleeve gets too cold or too hot, they are known to warp easily. This can ruin your design or destroy your product labels altogether. 

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