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6 Benefits Of Automatic Labelling Machines

As your business grows, you might quickly find that your labelling processes are getting in the way of expansion. Manual labelling can work well for small organisations, but as soon as sales start to rise, keeping up with product labelling can become a challenge. A lot of businesses are wary of making the initial investment for an automatic labelling machine, but it is important to understand the many benefits they can bring.

  • Speed

The most significant benefit for moving to automatic labelling equipment is speed. Even the most basic automatic labelling machine will be several times quicker than using manual labelling stations. This kind of equipment is not necessarily about reducing headcounts or replacing employees with machines, but about increasing the speed of your production line. You will easily be able to scale up production without labelling causing a bottleneck in fulfilment.

  • Accuracy

One of the biggest challenges with manual labelling is human error. The right kind of labelling machine will eliminate this problem and ensure stickers are applied perfectly every time. It is so easy to get the orientation wrong, misplace a label, or apply too little pressure causing the label to peel, and automated labelling can combat all these problems.

  • Reduced Labour Demands

Manual and semi-automatic labelling depends on having at least one employee committed to this task. Advanced labelling systems mean that labour is only necessary for occasional checks and loading label reels. This means your team members can be allocated to more valuable areas of the business. Not only that, but introducing automated labelling will likely increase customer satisfaction as applying labels is repetitive, boring, and time consuming.

  • Safety

Due to the repetitive nature of manual labelling, it is one of the leading causes of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) in factory settings. Automatic labelling machines can reduce workplace injuries and make the work safer for everyone involved.

  • Flexibility

With manual labelling, you are likely to be limited in label size. Automatic systems are able to handle a huge range of label sizes, allowing one machine for many different configurations. This gives you the flexibility to use one machine for multiple products or change your label designs whenever you please. With a human-machine interface on most equipment, you can easily adjust, control, and monitor the label formats for each job. 

  • Design Freedom

Manual labelling can handle basic tasks, such as a single wrap round label on a bottle. With automated labelling machines, you can choose a system which will label almost anything perfectly. If you want multiple labels on a product, you can use a front and back labelling machine, whereas if you need to place labels on large containers perfectly, a pallet labelling machine is the perfect solution. 

At Atwell Labellers, we are specialists in all kinds of advanced labelling systems, including fully automated machines. If you are considering investing in a new labelling machine for your business, get in touch with our expert team today.